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Ruby Rundell

Genesis chapters 37 to 50 excluding chapter 38

1             2
3 4            
  5 6 7  
10         11          
12                 13          
17 18           19   20      
    22   23 24
25   26             27 28          
29                 30                
31           32          

1.sounds like the start
4.head cases?
9.a special gift
10.dad belongs to me
12.an easy job?
13.number of brothers
15.the mocking title
16.for the sacrifice
17.the happy movement of a cake?
20.The special present
26.sounds like a carriage for Harriet?
28.along with gold - I don't have
29.not the eldest
30.royal David's city?
31.sounds like you've got flu?
32.group name for sheep
2.the job for the top man
3.rhymes with cute
5.jump away?
6."all seated on the ground"
7.saddened by loss
8.a long journey
11.dead to experience!
14.no place for free men
18.sign of God's favour
19.50 mph is the limit for this
21.The adored son
22.well! well!
23.left behind in a hurry
24.a prime and perfect number
25.the father
27.the nation

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