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Afternoon Class 11/13/2012

1 2 3
6         7          
8               9              
11 12       13            
  14   15   16  
  19               20      

5.My new cell service doesn't have a ___, so I can cancel anytime.
6.You can buy ___ at Costco.
8.My son got ___ in his two cavities.
9.There is a 2-couple special for Latin ___ dancing.
12.I love to shop, so I am a ___.
17.I was charged a no ___ ___ for leaving my car overnight at LAX.
19.Have you ever seen a ___ and ___ commercial about losing weight?
22.I have practiced ___ arts, such as jiu jitsu.
23.I don't like to shop, so I am a ___ shopper.
1.I listen to my ___ pod when I exercise.
2.Do you buy ___ brands or generic ones?
3.It was a ___ and switch ad because it was sold out at the store.
4.Another vendor is selling ___ books.
7.I like my eggs ___ up, not scrambled or boiled.
10.We got a free coffee at the ___ ___ special.
11.I signed a 1-year ___ for this apartment.
13.An ___ hour in this lot is $5.00.
14.The street vendor is selling ___ watches.
15.The 'reduced fat' pizza was ___ because it still was high in fat.
16.I am a ___ shopper because I check all the prices.
18.Are you going to ___ 'til you ___ on Black Friday?
20.The man in the street is hailing a ___.
21.Leave it to the ___ to fix the AC; you might make it worse.

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