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M2 Unit 4 Obstetrics

Charlie Radosna

Unit 4 Obstetrics and Gynaecology words for medical students

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3.grows inside a pregnant woman; soon to become a baby
4.'string' of vessels which connects the mother and the baby (adj.)
6.this is a passage between womb and vagina
7.a woman in labour has to do it to help the baby get out of her body
9.a baby born before due date
12.the political party in the UK
14.the branch of medicine concerned with the birth of children
15.a regular bleeding in grown-up females
16.a position the baby takes inside the womb
1.a baby which is dead at birth
2.to make love with a positive result
5.the process of 'building-up' of a baby
8.an organ in which the baby is growing
10.abruptly finished pregnancy with the loss of the baby
11.sort of liquid which comes from one's genitals
13.special lessons for pregnant women

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