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The Murders in the Rue Morgue #2

The Hamma with Edgar Poe

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1.I examine closely everything that Ms. Acosta does.
5.Mr. Saavedra has an inclination to make people scratch their heads.
6.Mr. Cleto thinks it is ______ to beat his team, but he is wrong!
7.Don't get hit with Mr. M's shots or you will suffer a cut to the forehead.
11.It is created when you use this type of hand tool.
14.Chavera tends to be a little _____ when he doesn't shave.
15.You don't wear these "Chucks".
17.Ms. America doesn't wear this type of _____.
18.The small white boards are not hard to manuver.
19.It is not enough to say you will beat Mr. M's teams, you need to do it!
20.We do not ____ when we come up against Mr. Rodriguez's teams.
2.The other teams were _____ as how to beat Mr. M's team.
3.It is every teams desire to knock off Mr. M's teams.
4.Mr. Byrd is a type of peace keeper.
8.Ms. Nhean is an integral part of all short bus teams.
9.It was agreed upon that Ms. Fileta needs alot of help in volleyping!
10.If your ____ falls apart, you will have to sleep on the floor.
12.Our "short bus" teams tend to be rather _______.
13.This is not Mr. Thoma's house!!
16.Do not change what you are doing and go the "other" way.

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