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Vocabulary Crossword

Josh F. and Bailey L.

1 2 3
    4   5              
        6 7
8         9                              

4.Acronym for all of Georgia's state capitols.
8.The 2 denominations in religion in Georgia
10.The main Indian tribes in Georgia
1.The sale of western land to four land companies after the governor and members of the General Assembly had been bribed.
2.Son of a Scottish officer and Creek woman. He signed the Treaty of Indian Springs in 1825, ceding the Creeks' remaining land in Georgia.
3.The leader of the Creeks. Son of a Scottish trader and half-French, half-Creek mother.
5.President who ignored the ruling that stated that Georgia laws were not valid in Indian land.
6.Every head of a household had the right to 200 acres of land plus 50 acres for every household member. Limit 1000 acres.
7.Land purchased that doubled America's size and was purchased by Thomas Jefferson.
9.Man who created a Cherokee alphabet that enabled the tribe to read, write, and publish its own newspaper.

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