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Classifieds page 155

Conversation Class 11/14/2012

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1.We ate at an ___ restaurant. It was expensive but good!
5.I won $1,000, ___ free gas for a year!
6.He shaved and got a haircut, so he was ___.
7.___ eat wood in your home.
11.A ___ oversees all the schools.
12.A supervisor should be a ___-___ person.
15.This new company is in a ___ stage.
17.He is a ___, so he has to ___ another worker.
20.The ___ killed the ants in my house.
21.This is an ___ position; can you start tomorrow?
2.FedEx and UPS are ___.
3.I am ___, but I was shy at first.
4.Toyota is a leading ___ carrier.
8.Here is my ___ and three reference letters.
9.The mall will be ___-___ on Black Friday.
10.She is a ___ student. She is above-___.
13.The ___ instructor is energetic and outoing.
14.This medicine is ___. Take it and you will feel better.
16.Mice and rats are ___.
18.The ___ to learning English is coming to school.
19.Is there a Wells Fargo ___ in Artesia?

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