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The Atmosphere

Sky R

The Atmosphere - Earth Science - Chapter 11

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1.the transfer of energy through space by visible light, ultraviolet radiation, and other forms of electromagnetic waves
5.method of cloud formations
7.above the statosphere, no concentrated ozone
9.contains only a minute portion of the atmosphere's mass
12.a gas formed by the addition of a third oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule
13.the amount of water vapor in air is referred to
14.the outermost layer of Earth's atmosphere
2.an increase in temperature with height in an atmospheric layer
3.the transfer of energy that occurs when molecules collide
4.above the tropopause layer made up of concentrated ozone
6.the transfer of energy by the flow of a heated substance
8.the ability of an air mass to resist rising
9.the layer closest to Earth's surface
10.the process of water changing from a liquid to a gas
11.the constant movement of water between the atmosphere and Earth's surface

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