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Business Ownership

Ms. Godwin

  2 3 4
5                         6      
  7   8      

5.If you'll be purchasing wholesale merchandise for resale in your business you must have one of these (2 Words)
9.One disadvantage of a corporation is they have to pay ___________ twice
10.provides the benefits of partnership taxation and limited personal liability (3 Words)
13.the company that offers the franchise for purchase
16.e amount the local franchise owner pays in return for the right to run the franchise (3 Words)
18.paid to the franchise company to support television, magazine, or other advertising of the franchise as a whole (2 Words)
19.a unit of ownership in a corporation
20.distributions of corporate profits to shareholders
1.Must register for this through the IRS; allows you to have employees (3 Words)
2.a business that is owned exclusively by one person (2 Words)
3.a business that has the legal rights of a person but is independent of its owners
4.the person who purchases a franchise
6.weekly or monthly payments made by the local owner to the franchise company (2 Words)
7.Grants you, as the business owner, the privilege of legally operating a business within a certain city and/or county jurisdiction. (2 Words)
8.a corporation organized under Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code (2 Words)
11.a group of people who meet several times a year to make important decisions affecting the company (3 Words)
12.a business owned by two or more people
14.If you'll be preparing food as part of your business you must have one of these (2 Words)
15.a legal agreement that gives an individual the right to market a company’s products or services in a particular area
17.5. They regulate the safety, structure, and appearance of the community as defined by local and/or state laws, typically referred to as "ordinances."

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