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LTF Lesson 47

A. Bandas

1 2        
6       7      
9 10   11
    12 13              
14 15         16                    
17           18   19                    
  20                   21  

1.a mysterious person or thing given to enigmatic questions or answers
5.to arrange in proper order; to usher or to lead
6.any grotesque or debased likeness or imitation
8.to pamper, to treat with extreme care
13.relating to a tree or the inhabiting of a tree
15.a journey ( usually slow and difficult), to migrate
16.captivating, spellbinding
17.sour or bitter in mood or tone
19.to make simultaneous; to operate at the same time
20.likely to decay or to spoil
22.a flowing or coming in
24.to make repayment or to return
2.an abstract or summary
3.energy; enthusiasm
4.to chuckle or to laugh from extreme happiness
7.to impede or to hinder; to hamper; to retard
9.an instrument for cutting or mowing
10.uncontrollable impulse to ignite fires
11.a clumsy and careless person; an obsolete firearm with a bell muzzle
12.an inquiry
13.to speak distinctly; expressing oneself clearly
14.lacking vigor or force; yielding to pressure for want of firmness
18.reliable and believable
21.to separate or to distinguish ( valuable from worthless parts)

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