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Computer Terms

Kimone A. Smith 10/47

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1.Any device that sends out information from a computer.
4.A key component in all computer systems that works with the CPU.
6.In ALU, the L stand for _______ .
8.A flexible removable magnetic disk typically covered in hard plastic.
9.A device that senses and records data on a magnetic disk or tape can be called a write head or a _______ head.
11.Equal to roughly a billion bytes.
13.The place where data is held for access by a computer processor.
14.A ring on a disk where data can be written.
2.The ability to obtain data from a storage device by going directly to where it is physically located on the device.
3.The brain of computer systems or smart phones.
5.Equal to roughly a trillion bytes.
7.Any data that goes into the computer.
9.In RAM, the R stands for _______ .
10.Bit is short for _______ digit.
12.A byte is equal to _______ bits.

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