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Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Zoe Smith Period 7 Ms. Day

Test your knowledge of the vocabulary for chapter 7!

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1.concentration of two solutions is the same
2.the organs of a cell
8.converts the energy stored in food to that which is more convenient for the cell
9.the solution with higher concentration of solutes
11.captures the energy from the sun; part of photosynthesis
12.diffusion of water
13.everything outside the nucleus or everything in the cell
15.some can enter but others cannot (2 Words)
17.basic building building block of life
20.pass through in channels; like the toll bridge (2 Words)
23.states that cells are produced from old cells and all living things are composed of cells (2 Words)
24.contains RNA and protein throughout the cytoplasm; site of protein synthesis
25.a cell that does not contain a nucleus
26.breaks down lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins into small molecules that can be used by the rest of the cell
3.the "brain" of the cell
4.place where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled; in cells with a nucleus (2 Words)
5.barrier for the cells; regulates entrance and exits (2 Words)
6.post office of a cell: modifies, sorts and packages materials for storage or release (2 Words)
7.organizes cell division
9.the solution with the lesser concentration of solutes
10.protein filaments that give a cell containing a nucleus it's shape and organization and is involved in movement
14.pressure to prevent osmosis (2 Words)
16.water channel protein in a cell
18.makes up membrane and forms the barrier between cell and surroundings (2 Words)
19.move from more concentrated to less concentrated
21.a cell that contains a nucleus
22.stores materials, such as water, salt, protein, and carbohydrates
23.supporting layer around cell (2 Words)

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