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Tribal puzzle

Mahima Negi

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1.The speakers of Dravidian Language, these call themselves, the Hill People.
2.The people of this tribe are known for their folk dances such as Bardaichikhla and Bagurumba which are extremely colorful.
4.The tribe is further divided into sub tribes, namely Wars, Khynriams, Pnars and Bhois.
7.Many of the people of this tribe of India speak dialects belonging to the Tibeto - Burman family.
8.Ugadi is the most famous festivals celebrated by this tribes.
1.The people of this tribe are also known by the name of 'Achik-mande' or hill people.
2.They were the warriors in Maharana Pratap & Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Army.
3.Many famous personalities such as Sidhu and Baba Tilka Majhi were part of these enthusiastic tribes of India.
5.Involved in Freedom Fight of India, these are very respected tribes in India. Also Birsa, a freedom fighter hails from this tribe.
6.The most progressive tribes of India, these have their people in foriegn countries too.

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