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1.In order to Pay 33 Billion to the winners Germany printed more money causing __________
8.Germany, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire became know as the ________when the WWI started.
9.New Military weapon that made old military charges unusable
10.Hitler Dropped out of High School to become a ______ but failed
13.Original name given to WWI at the end of the war
19.Agreement for protection between France, Britain, and Russia
20.Global peace organization formed after WWI
22.While living homeless on the streets of Vienna hitler blamed this group for his miseries
25.The treaty of Versailles forced Germany to accept this _________
26.Factor of WWI where countries competed for the most powerful armies
27.Country that wanted revenge and to punish Germany for WWI
28.Rule of war that the Germans broke when they sank the Lusitania without warning
2.Political leader whose assassination sparked WWI
3.Communist leader that helped overthrow the Czar of Russia
4.Note sent from Germany to Mexico that caused the USA to enter WWI
5.Original name given to WWI at the beginning of the war
6.Document that ended WWI and caused WWII
7.Nickname given to Fresh new American troops during WWI
11.New type of warfare that caused soldiers to dig into the ground and hide from new weapons
12.Member of the Triple Alliance that flip flopped sides and joined the Allied Powers
14.American leader who wanted to treat Germany fairly to avoid future wars
15.Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace after WWI
16.Factor of WWI in which pride for the country went too far
17.Agreement for protection between Germany Austria and Italy
18.Area between the enemy trenches filled with dead bodies and large rats
21.Factor of WWI that involved the building of an empire
23.Factor of WWI that took a small conflict and turned it into a global conflict
24.Name given to British soldiers during WWI

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