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Ms. Wojtas

2       3
4     5
6 7     8          
10         11                      
      18 19
20                 21              
  22   23            

2.Large blocks of cheese can grow this over a short period of time
8.Made by thickening and seperating milk into curd and whey
10.Myplate suggested servings of dairy
11.Chemical reaction that slowly splits complex compounds into simpler substances
12.Source of protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids
14.Milk sold in a powder form without water or fat
15.Using heat to kill bacteria in milk to avoid disease or spoiled milk
16.Milk sold in a can with more than half of the water removed
20.Burning milk proteins because its being cooked at too high of a temperature
21.Essential vitamin to help our bones absorb calcium
22.Natural form of sugar that can be found in dairy products
24.Cheeses should be cooked at this temperature
1.The process of breaking down fat in milk and remixing it evenly through in milk
3.Canned milk with more than half of the water removed and added sugar
4.Cheese that is aged
5.Cheese should not be cooked; it should do this
6.Fresh milk processed at a very high temperature to keep at room temperature
7.Cheese that is fresh and not aged
9.Thinkening milk by using heat or acid
13.Breaking down milk proteins causing them to bind together into a solid
15.Cheese that is blends of aged cheeses
17.Milk that seperates into curds and whey due to adding too quickly to heat
18.Helps build strong bones and teeth
19.Milk and unripened cheeses should be used in this many weeks
23.Canned, powder, and UHT should be stored in this kind of condition

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