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work and skills

Matthew LeBlanc (Rhiannon Carey)

this is a puzzle with alot of weird words

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1.the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts messages or information
3.you get one of these if you hand out resumes
6.your personal opinion of your self worth
7.desire to achieve a high level of performance
10.Financial income
12.free for activities you like to do
13.ability to influence and lead others
14.Being in charge of yourself
17.to work with other to complete a task
19.to fix and restore cars
20.to work with pets
2.to work as an employee helping customers
4.to recive awards or congratulations
5.it takes you to the hospital
8.when you go to a place that is not hiring and give them a resume
9.Sence of accocmplishment
11.this goes under your cover letter
15.to work with kids
16.respect given to you by your friends, colleagues and the community
18.you will find lots of cubicles

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