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Meteorology -ES - C12-2

Lauren C.

Meteorology -ES - C12-2

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7.narrow region separating two air masses of different temperatures, pressure and humidity
9.last wind system, lies between 60º latitude and the poles (2 Words)
10.measures relative humidity
11.measures wind speed
12.narrow bands of high-altitude, westerly winds (2 Words)
13.average weather of a particular area over a long period of time
1.second wind system, flows between 30º and 60º and south latitude in circulation patter (2 Words)
2.measures height of cloud layers
3.large body of air that takes on the characteristics of the area over which it forms (2 Words)
4.measures air pressures
5.current state of the atmosphere
6.first wing system, occurs at 30º north and south latitude, where air sinks, warms, and returns to the equator in a westerly direction (2 Words)
8.used to measure temperature

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