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Vocabulary from study guides 1,2,3. Not all inclusive. Only some vocab. Still study!

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2.soft tissue of tooth
4.technical name for belching
8.lymph fluid draining from GI system
11.common name for canine teeth in dogs, cats
13.long shearing cheek teeth
14.twisting of an organ
15.to chew
16."true" stomach (ruminant)
18.muscular "food pipe"
21.tissue holding tongue to floor of mouth
22.substance produced to emulsify fats in the diet
23.breaking down of food into smaller particles to be absorbed
25.lymph vessels that drain the GI tract
27.part of the tooth above gum line
30.narrow place in tubular structure
31.common passageway for food and air in back of mouth, throat.
34.common term for icterus
35.hard white outer lower of crown
36.weight per unit area
37.enzyme that breaks protein down into amino acids
1.inflammation of the pancreas
3.where stomach funnels down to lead into duodenum
5.to eat
6.largest gland in body
7.longest section of small intestine
9.common name of the rumen
10.tissue under enemal and cementum
12.common name of reticulum
13.plant fiber composed of insoluble carbohydrates.
16.tooth socket
17.double-fold of peritoneum supporting intestines and holding them to abdominal wall
19.ring of muscle that opens and closes as needed
20.lace-like peritoneum lying loosely over abdominal structures
24.divisions of the liver are called?
26.enzyme found in saliva of dogs, pigs, people
28.The pancreatic duct drains the exocrine secretions of the pancreas into what structure
29.cell that secretes mucus
32.function of incisor teeth
33.enzyme that breaks down fats

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