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sophia word of the day

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1.How can you be _______ when he is begging for mercy.
4.Every Thanksgiving my brother behaves like a ______ and never saves any desert for me
5.The machinist used a torch to _____ their broke chair back.
7.Dogs are _______ pets because of their obedience and loyalty.
8.It is _______ that you buy your books before the store runs out.
10.We ________ up the bakes sake earnings and your divinded is $3.00
12.My grandfather always ______ out Thanksgiving turkey.
14.The minor used a _______ to weig the gold nugget
15.I did ot recognize your ______ woice. Are you sick?
1.Please be ______. I do not want to begin practice without you.
2.The _________sees happiness and success in your future.
3.Crossword puzzles will ______ you if you are not used to doing them.
6.My dad wants me to _______ all myold toys but I do not want to get ride of them.
9.No matter how much I _______ my parents will not buy me a puppy.
11.my parents wanted me to pay for my school supplies this year which caused me to _______my savings
13.I will beat a _______ on my drums then uou try to repeat it.
14.Most religions teachs followers to _____ greed and hate.

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