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Lymph & Immunity

L MacKinnon

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3.fluid within the lymphatic system
5.the beginning of the thoracic duct
8.one of the two pumps that aids the movement of lymph through the body
10.the stage in inflammation when neutrophils leave the blood vessel
11.a lymph node is generally a ______ for the lymph system
15.the fluid that becomes lymph originates here
16.cells that kill a variety of microbes and tumor cells
18.a systemic response to infection and inflammation that can increase metabolism and in turn speed up tissue repair
20.the ability to ward off the pathogens that produce disease
21.these vessels have a layer of smooth muscle
24.released from virus infected cells and diffuse to neighbouring cells inducing them to synthsize antiviral proteins
26.a depression in a lymph node that 1 or 2 efferent vessels exit through
27.bilobed organ found in the mediastinum
28.milky lymph from the GI tract
1.cells that ingest microbes and are found in most tissues
2.interstitial fluid flows into initial lymph vessels when pressure is____
4.the 'flow of urine' is an example of this type of protection within the first line of defense
6.causes vasodilation and increased permeability of blood vessels during the inflammatory process
7.attraction to chemicals from damaged tissues
9.fixed macrophages found in the liver
12.drains lymph from the lower body and the left side of the upper body
13.lack of resistance
14.one of the main components of lymph
17.tissue sloughing away and leaving an open sore
19.the only lymph trunk that isn't paired
22.where blood cells go to die
23.signs and symptoms of inflammation
25.an accumulation of dead phagocytes, damaged tissue cells and fluid

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