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Chapter 5: Operating Systems


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4.Troubleshooting Process: Step 6: _______ with the customer
5.A cost analysis will indicate if purchasing new equipment is a better idea than ___________
6.A _______ shows icons of all files, folders, and applications on the computer.
7.Protected Mode provides _____-bit access to memory, drivers, and I/O transfers
8.__________ maintenance helps to ensure optimal operation of the OS
12.T or F: First thing you should do before performing a clean installation is to backup all data first
15.Two or more users can work with programs and share peripheral devices, such as printers, at the same time. (dash in the middle)
16.The operating system (OS) controls almost all ____________ on a computer.
17.Tracks installation files for _______ thorough uninstall, if desired
18.The operating system has ________ main roles
19.All computers rely on an operating system (OS) to provide the interface for interaction between users, applications, and ___________
21.T or F: Desktop Operating System supports a single user
22.It is only necessary to make copies of the files that have changed since the last _________.
23.T or F: Linux and UNIX are both Network Operating Systems
24.The operating system boots the computer and __________ the file system.
25.Consider the customer's _________ when selecting an OS.
1.___________ configuration:Operating system, patches and updates, network environment, connection type
2.Graphics applications; Photoshop or _________
3.Install from OS files stored on CDs or DVDs; Partitioning and ____________
9._________ a backup strategy that allows for the recovery of data
10.During the installation phase, most operating systems will ___________ partition and format the hard drive
11.Command Line Interface stands for what
13.Graphical User Interface (GUI): The user interacts with _____ and icons.
14.Tools for troubleshooting an OS problem include ___________ Advanced Options menu, event logs, device manager, and system files.
20.Backup tools allow for _________ of data.

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