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7                       8
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2.Lines that never intersect
5.Angles that are on the same side of different parallel lines and on the same side of a transversal
7.Angle that measures exactly 90 degrees (2 Words)
9.The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle
11.ex: a = a (2 Words)
12.Lines that intersect to form four right angles
15.A type of proof that shows statements and reasons side by side (2 Words)
16.Proving triangles congruent using two angles and a non included side
17.A line that cuts across sets of lines, often cutting parallel lines
20.Can be used to prove right triangles congruent (2 Words)
1.Proving triangles congruent using three sides
3.Angles inside two parallel lines on opposite sides of a transversal (3 Words)
4.A line that divides an angle in half (2 Words)
6.A series of logical steps used to prove something (2 Words)
8.The sides of a right triangle that include the right angle
10.A type of proof that uses arrows to show the steps (2 Words)
13.A type of triangle with one right angle (2 Words)
14.Two objects that are the same size and shape
18.Proving triangles congruent using two sides and the included angle
19.Proving triangles congruent using two angles and the included side

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