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Specialised cells and diffusion

2     3     4 5            
    7 8 9  
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2.A unit of measure = 1/000th of a mm
5.Large space containing cell sap. Helps to keep cell rigid to support the plant.
6.A type of cell that is responsible for colour vision.
10.(Fill in the gap) In diffusion particles move from a region with a ______ concentration
11.The process by which dissolved substances can move into and out of cells.
12.This is where oxygen is used and most of the energy is released during respiration.
13.Made of cellulose and forms a rigid non-living box around the cell to strengthen and provide support. (2 Words)
14.Chemical reactions needed for life occurr in this liquid gel.
17.A type of cell that transfers impulses.
18.A type of cell that can grow to 1000x its original size.
1.Controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell. (2 Words)
3.A type of cell that absorbs water and mineral ions from the soil. (2 Words)
4.Controls all activities of the cell. Contains the genes on chromosomes.
7.Contains chlorophyll, a green substance that absorbs light energy to make food for photosynthesis.
8.All the proteins needed for the cell are synthesised here.
9.A type of cell with no distinct nucleus, but with a long strand of DNA.
15.A type of cell used to make alcoholic drinks
16.(Fill in the gap) In diffusion particles move to a region with a ______ concentration

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