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Wonderland Weekly Crossword

Use the clues and your general knowledge of Wonderland to solve this weeks crossword!

5   6           7
    8 9
10         11          

1.Tweedledum and ___________
2.Name of a missing cat
3.Used as the ball in Croquet- The Queen's way
4.New specialty at a local cafe, __________ _______ Tartlets
5.The Queen uses this for a mallet for croquet
10.The _______ Rabbit
11.White Rabbits favourite Phrase
12.Most of the Queen's servants are these
1.__________ and Tweedledee
6.Stranger who has fallen into Wonderland
7.What the Queen's gardeners do to the White Roses to make them red
8.Word used to describe the crazy owner of a local Cafe
9.The King and Queen of ______
10.The Queen of Hearts always _____ croquet.

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