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Vocabulary Review

Miche' Smith

Vocab review

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1.lacking clarity or sharpness
4.foolish, aimless talk or thinking
5.bitter, and sarcastic
11.to plead on behalf of someone else
12.to steal something that has been giving into ones trust
14.to make a violent attack in words or express strong dissapproval
16.resistant to lawful authority
17.by virtue of holding office
18.matters involving the supernatural
23.full of high-sounding words intended to conceal a lack of ideas
26.deserving recognition and praise
28.roundabout, not direct
29.to hurl down from a great height or to give distinct form to
30.causing shock, horror, or revulsion or sensational and scandalous
2.an instance that represents a larger reality, a perfect example
3.to use coaxing or literally to gain some desired end
6.an indirect suggestion or reference
7.childish peevish
8.a condition or period of decline or decay or excessive self indulgence
9.period of one thousand years
10.countrified in the sense of being limited and backward or narrowminded
13.a special right or privilege
15.natural or habitual inclination or tendency
19.trying too hard to give an impression of earnestness or sincerity; excessive and insincere
20.exsisting in name only, not real; too small to be considered or taken seriously
21.share a feeling of distress
22.unwilling to take a clear position
24.to make oneself agreeable and thus gain favor or acceptance by others; to use flattery to get on someone's good side
25.composure or coolness
27.to draw out or bring forth from source

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