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It's All About Chemistry!

Ella S. Raguindin

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36                 37

1.The energy needed comes from the sun
8.The burning of fossil fuels like gasoline can create another atmospheric pollution problem known as _________
11.The property of a material to be flattened out into a sheet
16.This happens when a single reactant breaks down into several products
18.Elements which possess characteristics of both metals and nonmetals
19.A strong attractive force that binds atoms together
22.The most abundant element in the universe
23.The migration of charged particles through a fluid medium under the influence of an electric field
25.One of the scientific attitude
28.Anything that has mass and volume
29.If the substance is an element, it is changed into an ________
32.When solutions are formed with a net release of energy, the solution process is labeled as _____
33.Small test tubes commonly used for heating substances
34.An element that can exist in several physical forms
35.Rays coming from behind the cathode
36.A vessel usually of glass with a long slanting tube, used in distillation process
38.Is a practical science with many practical applications
39.An optical instrument used to examine minute objects by giving an enlarged, well resolved imag of them
40.When the process absorbs heat from the surroundings
2.This occurs when an active substances replaces another element from its compound
3.The property of a material to be drawn into wires
4.A substance which burns in air undergoes a chemical change called ______
5.The number of particles in one mole of a substance
6.States that the properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers
7.A jar equipped with a side arm for transfering filtrate into other vessels
8.Symbol for palladium
9.Defined as the quantity of a substance which contains the same number of particles as 12.000 g of carbon-12
10.A substance which lowers the surface tension of the medium in which it is dissolved
12.English chemist, who was the first to determine the quantitative relationship between the volume and pressure of gases
13.This model described the atom as mostly empty space and its mass is concentrated in a central core
14.Reaction which usually involves direct combination with hydrogen
15.Concerned with chemical processes of living organisms
17.Removal of hard water ions
20.It is a substance combining in a chemical reaction
21.Regular periodic variations of properties and elements with atomis number
24.Compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen
26.This involves several reactants combining to form a single product
27.Made up of tiny, invisible particles
30.The atomic number of hydrogen
31.A deep, wide-mouthed, thin-walled, cylindrical vessels with a pouring lip
37.A positive ion; an atom or group of atoms that has lost one or more electron

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