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Caitlin Tulapol

2 3  
      4   5                  
        6 7
  10                   11        

1.cells that contain organelles and a nucleus (any cell except for bacteria) (2 Words)
4.one of the rod-shaped structures in cytoplasm that supplies the cell with energy (Powerplants of the cell)
8.a gel-like substance that surrounds the cell's nucleus and is the place where the most cellular activities occur
10.a cell with little organelles and no nucleus (Bacteria) (2 Words)
12.a layered, flattened, sac-like organelle that packages carbohydrates and proteins for export from the cell (2 Words)
14.structures inside eukaryotic cells that performs specialized functions
15.any independently living thing that can carry out its life activites on its own
16.the largest, most visible part of a cell which has its own membrane and is the control center of the cell's activites
1.a vast system of infolded, interconnected sacks that transport and produce materials throughout the cell (2 Words)
2.a small organelle composed of cytoplasmic granules; sites of manufacture (protein synthesis)
3.a sac-like space in a cell's cytoplasm that stores materials such as waste or food
5.a system that aids transport between other parts of the cell and the nucleus (2 Words)
6.a green structure in a plant cell where food is produced
7.the outer covering of a cell, which helps control materials that move in and out of the cell and gives the cell shape (2 Words)
8.a stiff covering outside the cell membrane of a plant cell (2 Words)
9.a green chemical in plant cells that allows to use photosynthesis
11.long strands inside the nucleus that stores directions for most cellular activities- act as blueprints for transfering information
13.the basic unit of life

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