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CJ 446 Finals

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1.Hand geometry face recognition and Signature recognition are what forms of biometric?
3.The unlawful use, or threatened use, of violence by a group or individual that is based and operating entirely within the United States or its territories without foreign direction and which is committed against persons or property with the intent of intimidating or coercing a government or its population in furtherance of political or social objectives.
6.Which type of pedophile is likely to keep trophies or souvenirs from victims, such as articles of clothing?
7.The smallest piece of data
8.A hard drives first sector is called? (3 Words)
9.Which of the following is not a type of File Allocation Table or system; FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 24 or NTFS? (2 Words)
12.When grocery stores place beer, chips, candy and soda in front of the store during superbowl weekend is a practice known as? (2 Words)
14.Marvin sends Shorty repeated e-mails daily how he wants to hook up with her and that he knows where she lives. This is considered
15.An IP address is broken down into 4 sections called
17.The legal act of taking something that may constitute evidence
19.Process of encoding regular data into a seemingly random and unintelligible, scrambled form
20.Science of Life Measurement
23.An acronym for tracing computer activity back to the actual user sitting at the computer is
25.That quantum of evidence which would lead a resonable police officer to believe that the defendent commited a crime is? (2 Words)
26.Criminals go through garbage cans, garbage placed on curbs, or even dumpsters, which are all significant sources for credit card information. (2 Words)
29.Pieces of raw, unanalyzed data that identifies persons, evidence, events, or illustrates processes that indicate the incidence of a criminal act or witnesses or evidence of a criminal event.
30.The practice of persuading or manipulating people into providing the criminal with the necessary information they need to commit their fraud, such as login names or passwords. (2 Words)
32.Information compiled, analyzed, and/or disseminated in an effort to anticipate, prevent, or monitor criminal activity.
34.One way to greatly limit Internet search (return) results is to use
39.Retina scans, Iris scans , and fingerprints would fall under what biometric?
40.A program that appears to be useful or benign but actually conceals another program that is designed to be damaging, annoying, or “humorous.” (2 Words)
41.JFIS is the _______________for a JPEG type data file (2 Words)
45.The process of breaking down a victim’s barriers, objections, or inhibitions.
46.This Pedophile may appear to be totally normal, may be married, may have children of their own and never sexually assault a child.
47.Parallel jurisdiction over the same high tech offense that allowws multiple courts to prosecute and it's NOT considered double jeopardy.
48.This type of hacker identifies weaknesses in a computer system or network but, instead of taking advantage of it, exposes the weakness to the system's owners and recommends a fix before it can be taken advantage of by others. (2 Words)
2.A self-extracting computer program designed to make copies of itself is a
4.A speeding ticket or a truancy ticket would be considered a? (2 Words)
5.The electronic lifting of a full track of data encoded on the magnetic strip of a valid card and transferring that data to another magnetic strip on a counterfeit card is
6.A written chronological and detailed recreation of events or facts that tend to establish probable cause for a search warrant is an
7.8 bits are equal to one ________?
9.IP Routing and timestamps are present in the (2 Words)
10.Once writing data to a suspect drive is prevented, the forensics specialist will clone or copy the drive over, by writing each and every part of the drive exactly to a blank hard drive.
11.Data formatted in such a way that it is native only to a certain device or program is often called
13.This component is the main section of the where most other hardward connects to.
14.5 girls decide to post naked pics of another girl on facebook, this is considered?
16.This criminal act is of moderate severity and may result in a jail sentence of up to one year.
18.Eighteen-year-old “models” that look much younger to satisfy the child porn perversion, are not illegal (2 Words)
21.This type of terrorism transcends national boundaries and is an act supported by and/or with foreign direction against the population or government of any other country outside the United State or its territories.
22.This criminal acts carries a minimum of a one year prison sentence for anyone convicted.
24.This type of Hacker breaks into systems (e.g. networks, web sites, etc.) with malicious intent to steal, damage, or deface it.
27.Eddie is standing behind Alberto and looking over his shoulder as Alberto is typing his PIN into the ATM machine. This is called? (2 Words)
28.If an underage minor were to use your license to buy alchole without your consent, that could be considered? (2 Words)
31.Units where hard drives are oganized into are called?
33.Transunion, Experian and ______________ are credit reporting bureaus
35.Search techniques, such as the plus (+) or minus (-) symbol, are used to help limit Internet search (return) results, are known as
36.These criminals explored and broke into the phone systems to learn more about them and take advantage of free phone calls:
37.Disk Operating System is also knows as?
38.The use of false email return addresses, stolen web page graphics, misleading or disguised hyperlinks to truck users into revealing personally identifiable information is known as
42.You walk up to a scanner and breath into a scanner, this is what type of biometric?
43.This type of Hacker discovers and supplies information about network security issues and weaknesses to the network administrators and also to black hat hackers to exploit the systems. (2 Words)
44.Programmers having to punch holes in data cards were called?

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