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Meat, Poultry and Seafood

George Tartak

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1.the animal goes baaa
6.comes in a brow or rainbow colour
7.red and white coloured meat
9.sold in seafood shops and usually are pink, red and more
12.long processed meat in an etible skin
13.The main chocolate at easter
16.in a joke it usually crosses the road
17.the animals tail is curled and they put apples in its mouth when roasted
18.a main dish at christmas and usually smoked
2.meat that comes from the cow
3.japanese birds that grow to 20 cm in length and are tasty
4.comes in a platter, cocktail and more at restaurants.
5.sold in a lot of chinese restaraunts and are roasted
8.bought in a rack and marinated before cooking
9.a cured sausage, fermented and air-dried meat
10.you put it in your mouth and suck it in
11.thrown on the barbecue and beautiful to eat with bbq sauce
14.a common fish caught in saltwater
15.usually the main dish at christmas
16.tradinonal christmas dinner in Czech

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