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4th grade spelling bee words


5         6    
7             8
9 10            
  12 13               14
  15                 16

1.irritable, gripey British slang , finding fault with
3.plants of a particular place
4.to hestitate, stumble, or move unsteadily, to talk in the same way
5.to send off quickly or to dispose of (kill)
7.small container carrier by soldiers or hikers to hold their drink
9.to argue, debate or quarrel
13.a style of jazz originating in New Orleans
15.a hidden current below the surface of water that moves in the opposite direction of the normal current
17.to take for granted, to assume or to go too far
18.something that deserves praise or a reward,something good
19.to catch and hold a person by legal means, also to stop or slow down significantly
20.to say something that is untrue and bad about a person,
1.dirty and neglected, gross, repulsive or filthy
2.small, slender, or of little importance, to treat as if they aren't important
6.an edible orange-like fruit, a mandarin orange, reddish-orange color
8.animals of a particular place
10.payment received for goods or services usually in the form of money
11.to leave or put into a place, usually for safekeeping also to insert into a coin operated machine
12.to rob or take by force
14.person chosen to supervise or control a production or company
16.South American river, that is largest in world also refers to an agressive powerful tall,woman

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