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1     2 3
  4         5
9   10          
13 14                 15   16        
18   19                 20
    23           24    
25 26       27        
  30     31    
32     33         34    
35               36                  
37               38  

1.part of your hand
4.quick movement
6.an answer
7.to think / guess something is true
8.a thick liquid used for heat, energy or cooking
10.to be able to do something difficult
11.a very big bear
14.a wild area of land
16.a wait / a longer time than expected
17.finishing school or university
18.wild animals
21.the way / art of making photos
23.the biggest part of land / not islands
25.short for 'photograph'
28.a way of life
29.to come together and make a group
33.very clear, easy to remember
35.very large / big / huge
36.pictures made with a camera
37.happy / ready to do something
39.worn on the eyes to help you see
40.a small spot / mark
41.being on a ship, plane or train
2.the leader of a town or city
3.the outer / top part of an animals body (used to make clothes / leather)
4.view / landscape
5.far away, lonely
9.someone who lives in a village
10.12 o'clock at night
12.the largest state in the United States of America
13.a big group of people
15.an Eskimo village in Alaska
19.found / where something is
20.someone who takes pictures with a camera
22.very big, impressive, beautiful, awesome
24.the opposite of southern / the north part
26.to search for and kill animals for food (or sport)
27.things people wear to stay warm
30.the cold, northern part of the world
31.very, very small
32.a northern people who live in Alaska and Canada
34.the opposite of backward
38.13 to 19 year-old people

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