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Canada in World War II

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5.This country was dissolved as a result of the treaty that ended WWI to create new countries (2 Words)
7.The Treaty of _______________ ended WWI and placed severe restrictions on Germany
8.A long severe downturn in the economy that created poverty, anger and the rise of fascism
9.Italian dictator; created a secret police to destroy those who opposed fascism
12.Authoritarian rule by a dictator who ignores individual and democratic rights
13.Giving in to demands to maintain peace
15.The symbol in the middle of the German flag
1.Hitler blamed this nationality group for Germany's loss during WWI
2.First international organization dedicated to maintaining world peace (3 Words)
3.A policy of turning inward and focusing on internal affairs
4.Hatred or discrimination against Jewish people for reasons connected to their heritage (2 Words)
6.Wanted to take back what they lost and reunite the German people
10.An all-powerful leader
11.This country declared war on Germany on September 10, 1939, 7 days later than Britain & France
14.The neutral country that was invaded to begin WWII

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