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Personal Comp. LO 6 Review


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2.The residential school system was a severe __________ injustice to aboriginals.
3.Safe and affrodable housing is an issue many Aboriginal people face. That is part of the ____________ determinant.
4.Languages are part of the _____________ determinant.
5.Because of _______________ Barriers- Aboriginal people have had very little control over services offered.
8.______-_______: A place to come and pray and come in contact with the Creator.
10._______________ teachings stress the importance of listening to one's own self and ones own body.
14.Each aspect of Holistic Health must be in _______________.
15._____________ refers to persons who are First nation, Inuit, and Metis.
16.The _____________ Ceremony helps to restore balance.
1.Aboriginal health is often refered to as ______________.
6.__________-__________ calls on good spirits, inviting them to join the smudging ceremony.
7.Health Care ______________ are factors which can cause or influence wellness.
9.______________, culture and environment are examples of Health Care determinants.
11.An ___________ feather is considered sacred because of its ability to take messages to the Creator.
12.The center of the Medicine Wheel is the ____________.
13.The Medicine Wheel is a ______________ tool.

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