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Believing in God

Robin Harragin

Religion and Life, Unit 1, Christianity and Islam, Section 1. Edexcel RS GCSE

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1.the name for the more tolerant members a religious community
5.the book which is the main source of moral authority for Christians
6.the ceremony performed by a bishop when a young person chooses to become a member of the Christian church
10.the name for those in a religious community who are more dogmatic about their beliefs
11.Christian parents take their children there on Sunday
12.communication with God, sometimes silent, sometimes communal
13.an experience which makes one feel one is in the presence of something greater than oneself
14.When something is caused by something else, which in turn is caused by something
15.when an event defies the laws of nature and is said to be caused by God
2.the ceremony when a person is welcomed into the Christian church
3.the denomination of Christians who have the Pope as their leader
4.Showing evidence of order and purpose
7.the book in the Bible where you can find the creation stories
8.Those Christian denominations who where formed after Martin Luther pinned the 95 Theses to the door of Wurtenburg Cathedral in 1517
9.the name for Christians who have fundamentalist beliefs

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