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History of the Church in Australia

Andrew Hazard

The History of the Church in Australia

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7.To send colonists to or establish a colony in an area
9.The act of persucting
11.A person serving a prison sentance
12.not religious; not practicing a religion and feeling no religious impulses or emotions.
14.a person or organization that owns and leases apartments to others.
15.a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation.
1.pertaining to the whole Christian body or church.
2.The act of or process of imparting or aquiring particular knowledge or skills
3.Sectarian spirit or tendancies; excesive devotion to a particular religion
4.of or pertaining to monasteries
5.the fleet of convict ships that arrived at Port Jackson in 1788
6.Orginating in and characteristic to a particular region or country
8.a person whose office it is to perform religious rites, and especially to make sacrificial offerings.
9.Any Western Christian who is not an adherent of a Catholic, Anglican or Eastern Creek
10.of the nature of or involving crime.
13.a person who supervises a number of local churches or a diocese, being in the Greek, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other churches a member of the highest order of the ministry.

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