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Fashion Glossary

Bronwyn White

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3.decorative trimming usually on seams
4.style of pant with large pockets on the outside
5.folded flap on the collar of a jacket or blazer
7.extra fabric that drapes loosely on the neckline
12.a piece of clothing that is fitted just under the bust line, then flares into a bell shape
14.layers of fabric that overlap each other one above the other
16.a tear-shaped cutout that clasps at the neckline
18.pants that are straight throughout hip and knee, then slightly flare from knee to ankle
19.slip-on garment made without sleves
1.pants that are cut extra full from waist to hem
2.a low, scooping neckline usually paired with spaghetti straps
6.skirt/dress that is hemmed to end at the shin
7.neckline that fits closely to the base of the neck with ribbed banding
8.neckline that resembles half a square
9.one-piece garment where the bottoms form bloomers
10.a knee-length fitted skirt
11.small sleeve that only covers the shoulder
13.a low U-shaped neckline
15.a shit cuff that folds back and fastened with a cufflink
17.small embroidered motif that is normally floral

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