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2         3 4   5  
6   7   8                
9         10   11          
13 14          
15           16    

2.A __________ is a wish your heart makes
4.Let me fix your _______ suit
6.Fish are friends not ___________
8.To __________ and beyond!
9.All hail, the New York _______!
11.It's so __________, I'm gonna die!
12.I am so __________, sometimes I think I should just marry myself.
14.I was ________ under your porch because I love you.
15.Call it what you will...fate, destiny. -A _______
16.Under the ______
17.Once you're ________ up, you can never come back.
18.In the circle of _________
1.And in the morning, I'm making _______!
3.This is either madness or ____________
5._________ the elf, what's your favorite color?
7.Ogres are like _________.
10.Just keep ___________
13.I can show you the _________
14.You'll be in my __________
16.There's a ________ in my boot!

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