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Nov 25


1 2
3 4   5          
  6       7
9         10            
11     12       13 14   15        
18       19                
20               21
26         27 28          
29       30     31

4.(TOSS UP) Prov 28:27 says "He that gives to the poor shall lack what ______"
8.A coffin was once designed to look like this
9.(TOSS UP) Prov 3:27 says "Withhold not good from them when it is in your _____ to do it."
10.One of these is as old as the pyramids of Egypt
11.Watermelons have been grown into this shape
14.Peanut butter can be converted into this
19.The R in our "giving" acronym (what we can give) stands for this
20.The books of the Bible have about this many authors
22.Song we listened to in week #2
23.(TOSS UP) Deut 16:17 says "Every man shall give as he is ____"
24.The A in our "giving" acronym (what we can give) stands for this
26.(TOSS UP) Ezekiel 28:3 says that there is no _______ that they can hide from God?
28.Originally Halloween was call "All ______ Day"?
29.The story of two sisters were found in this book
30.If you seek the Kingdom of God, you'd better understand what WHO expects?
1.A pizza was hand-delivered to Australia from this country
2.What position or place does the Lord want to be in your life?
3.According to Mark 12:41-44, who put more money in the treasury that any of the others?
5.The T in our "giving" acronym (what we can give) stands for this
6.Not getting something BAD you do deserve
7.The tallest volcano on Mars is this many miles high
12.Name for the writtings that WERE NOT selected for includion in today's Bible
13.The song that talks about the real place of Hell being really unpleasant.
15.3rd word in the Motto I have set out for our class
16.When we give, we keep the focus off of who?
17.Our generosity can be measured by the amount of this
18.The books of the Bible were written on this many continents
21.(TOSS UP) Hebrew 4:3 tells us what is hidden from God's sight?
23.Acronym that describes the things we can give to others
25.Name for the writtings that WERE selected for includion in today's Bible
27.The books of the Bible were written in this many languages
31.When we give, we put the focus on whom?

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