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Anglesey Attractions

Jason Sears

20 of Angleseys' most popular attractions

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3.This RSPB attraction is popular with ornithologists.
7.This village has the longest name in the UK, and is often abbreviated to this word.
11.This attraction is Anglesey's leading all weather family attraction.
13.Those into equestrian activities should head here.
15.This company provides offshore tours in high perfoemance speedboats.
16.This attraction based in Llangefni, gives art lovers lots to see.
17.This beach is in a conservation area and leads to an island and an old lighthouse.
18.This musem in Holyhead is dedicated to all things nautical.
19.This country house is a National Trust property.
20.This attraction gives an insight into the world of the prisoner in Victorian times.
1.This weaving company gives you a unique shopping experience.
2.This ancient fort was built by the Romans in the 3rd or 4th Century AD.
4.This attraction celebrates the work of the engineer, Thomas Telford.
5.This attraction is known as Parc Fferm y Foel in Welsh.
6.This attraction is the most technically perfect of its type in Britain.
8.This attraction consists of a restored mill and replica ancient farmhouses.
9.This world in miniature is in the village of Newborough.
10.This attraction allows you to marvel at exotic butterflies and birds from all over the world.
12.This centre of fun features indoor swimming pools.
14.This mountain has 18th century ruined copper mines.

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