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Chapter 5: Forming a Government

Mr. Nelson

2 3                            
  5 6                      
  7 8    
    11                               12              
14                                     15
17                                       18    
      19     20            
22               23                                    
24             25                  
26   27                             28          

3.bicameral legislature giving power to both small and large states (2 Words)
4.wanted individual rights in Constitution (2 Words)
6.first 10 amendments that protect citizen's rights (3 Words)
9.first constitution (4 Words)
11.essays supporting the Constitution (2 Words)
12.right to vote
13.weak central government, benefited small states (3 Words)
14.equalizes power of the branches (3 Words)
17.includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota (2 Words)
20.taxes on imports or exports
22.trade between two or more states
23.supported Constitution in Federalist Papers (2 Words)
24.strong central government benefited large states (2 Words)
27.sixty percent of slave population is counted for representation (2 Words)
29.sharing of power between central government and states of a country
30.all national courts (2 Words)
31.created modern US Constitution (2 Words)
1.gave religious freedom and separated church and state (5 Words)
2.supported the Constitution
5.led Shay's Rebellion, an uprising of farmers (2 Words)
7.Father of the Constitution (2 Words)
8.system for admitting new states into the Union (4 Words)
10.made the king subject to law (2 Words)
15.Congress (2 Words)
16.official changes
18.political authority belongs to the people (2 Words)
19.President and departments that run government (2 Words)
21.period of low economic activity and unemployment
25.opposed the Constitution
26.increased price in goods, decreased value in money interstate
28.official approval

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