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Winter Vocabulary

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4.December 31
5.People hang these "socks" and Santa Claus fills them with candy and little gifts
6.Type of dairy-based drink people enjoy in December - traditionally it is made with milk/cream, sugar, whipped eggs. Liquor like Kahlua or rum may be added.
10.A synonym for cold (adjective)
11.A winter activity where, traditionally, people wore wooden footwear to walk on the snow
14.December 24
15.Warm material that is made from sheep's fur
21.People hang this on their doors in December. Circular-shaped, often made from pine trees.
22.A type of cookie often eaten in December, made from sugar, flour and butter.
23.Ice that hangs from roofs in a poiny shape
24.The animals that pull Santa's sleigh
25.When you have a cold or an itch in your nose, it can cause you to __________. Ah-choo!
1.A winter activity that involves skis, but no hills
2.Wet, partially melted snow
3.In January you _______ ________ the decorations
7.A brown cookie containing many spices. Can be made in the form of people or houses
8.A place where you can go skating
9.Verb and object used to remove snow
12.To heat the house, or just to create a cozy atmosphere, you can light a fire in your ___________.
13.If you have a cold (or if you are a smoker), you may _____________ a lot.
16.When animals (such as bears) sleep all winter
17.Something you hang in your house to decorate for Christmas - when two people stand underneath together, they are supposed to kiss
18.A piece of snow
19.In the month of December, you ______ ______ decorations
20.When the temperature goes above zero and then below zero, ice forms and the roads & streets become _________

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