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3.How do energy travel/move?
5.organisms that is used in the production of litmus
6.The ability to do work.
8.ionic compounds that are made up of negative ions from an acid and a positive ion from a base
9.The sailing or propelling objects through space by using the force of light waves.
12.A quantity of motion wherein mass is multiplied by velocity.
13.The only form of energy that can be stored.
16.the scientist made a clock to study and prove if perpetual motion is possible.
17.The reaction between acid and base that produces salt and water.
18.______________ acid is known as the king of chemicals.
19.the type of mechanical energy evident in moving objects.
20.The process of splitting a molecule into charged particles
1.an indicator that is colorless in acidic solution but turns deep pink in basic solutions.
2.A quantity of energy equivalent to 1 newton-meter of work.
4.Turns blue to red litmus paper
7.the scientist who proposed the principle of motion as well as the equation of momentum.
10._______________ due gravity is 9.81m/s2
11.An organic compound that shows a definite color change when it reacts with an acid or a base.
14.Any substance that is capable of accepting a proton.
15.A scale used to measure the relative hydronium ion concentration of a solution.

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