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Christmas Carol Stave 2

Aviana Bell, Camryn May, Nate McCarty, Ryan Graff

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1.The Ghost that haunted Scrooge could be discribed as this
4.Old gentleman in Welsh wig
8.Scrooges ex girlfriend thinks he should choose this kind of girl
10.Scrooge asks ______ to bless his soul
12.The school house was a bare room, plain, borning, dull, gloomy
15.Scrooges bedroom
17.The school house was so quiet that not a squeak or scuffle could be heard
18.The donkey was loaded with a heavy burden of wood
2.The first Ghost wore this - a robe of purest white
3.Scrooges only friends during the holidays
4.Scrooges sister
5.This strikes one and the first spirit comes to Scrooge
6.Scrooges wild brother
7.One of Scrooges made up friends that is honest close to him
9.The first Ghost held this - a branch that is fresh and green
11.The child in the school house was neglected, left alone
13.Green body, yellow tail, and a thing like lettuce growing out of its head
14.Scrooges old girlfriend that broke up with him and got married to other man
15.What does the Spirit resemble
16.Scrooge is this and why he is afraid to fly with the spirits

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