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Chemical Reactions

A. Drake

Physical Science terms

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3.a reaction that releases energy to the surroundings.
4.the balance point where the concentration of reactants and products are the same during a reaction.
9.an atom with unpaired electrons.
12.reactions in which elements trade places to form new compounds.
16.the process that changes compounds of substances into new substances.
17.a reaction where one reactant is oxygen gas and at least one product contains oxygen atoms.
1.a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction that shows the relationship between reactants and products.
2.a biological catalyst.
5.a substance that is present before a chemical reaction.
6.the energy stored in chemical bonds and released as atoms in compounds rearrange to form new substances.
7.a reaction that absorbs energy from the surroundings.
8.a substance that is made by a chemical reaction.
10.a reaction that takes 1 compound and breaks it into 2 or more new substances.
11.a reaction that takes 2 or more substances and combines them into 1 new compound.
13.the reactant that an enzyme acts on.
14.the proportion of reactants to products in a chemical reaction and shown by the coefficients of a chemical reaction.
15.anything that changes the speed of a reaction without itself being changed.

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