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Tooth & Nail Vocabulary Puzzle

Madelyn Trythall

1 2    
3   4      
  6 7                
    9   10              
11                               12
  13         14       15        
16         17     18    

1.sullen; gloomy
3.abruptly concise; curt; brusque
7.full of complaints; complaining
10.keen or strong in mental appeal
11.a person who champions the less accepted cause
13.easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible
14.being at rest/ quiet/ still/ inactive
16.a thing serving to reveal or disclose something
19.calm; peaceful; tranquil
20.gaudy; showy and cheap
2.not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form
4.contemplation of the past; a survey of past time, events
5.to vary or vacillate between differing beliefs, opinions, conditions
6.witty; brilliantly clever
8.lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly
9.easily provoked to anger; very irritable
12.exuberant physical strength or mental vigor
15.meanly selfish, self-seeking, or mercenary
17.showing warmth and friendliness
18.wealthy, rich, or affluent

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