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Cather In Ther Rye

Claudia Cortez period 1

1 2         3        
  5           6  
  8   9 10 11            
    14         15
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    19           20  

2.Holden was _________ from the rest of Pency.
4.Holden had to write a _______ for his roomate.
5.Holden's action of not answering brought a lot of _________
7.________ means something unneeded or unimport
10._______ is when someone is honest.
12.__________ is someone who looks for attention.
13.Holden is ________ when he punches Stradlater.
14.Holden was _________ when he lost his brother.
16.________ is someone who lies in peaceful settlements.
17.________ is when someone is alone or by themselves.
19.At Pency ________ was an activity there.
21.Stradlater acts very __________.
22.Holden's beat up face was _________.
23._________ is a feeling of unsurety.
1.Holden is ________ so he gets into a lot of bad situations.
3.________ is when someone you use judgment or sense.
6.__________ is when you have an emotion with complete or utter in something.
7.________ is when something that was espected happens.
8.Holden can be classified as a _________.
9._________ is a type of Furniture.
11.___________ means countless.
15.holden's parents were sensitive and very___________.
16.Holden called most of the people he disliked__________.
18.Holden is going to have to _________ to his new school.
19._________ is when something is contaminated.
20.After getting beat up Holden had a lot of _______ on his face.

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