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Catcher in the Rye

Taylor Tenerelli p.1

1 2
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3.Holden’s parents are _________ when it comes to talking about personal things about them.
4.A _________ is a dress.
6.Modest and respectful is to be _________.
8.Adjusts to something or changes to meet requirements is called ________.
10._________ is rebelling against legal authority.
12.Ackley would always bring the old _________in Holden.
13.A _________ is one who believes in peaceful resolutions and refuses to take part in a war.
15.To be single or alone is called _________.
21.Stradlater asked Holden if he could write him a ________.
24.Admirable of highest quality is called ________.
25.Holden had a ________ on his face because he fought Stradlater.
26.A ________ is an early keyboard instrument.
29.Enjoyable tension and anxiety is ________.
30.An attention seeker is called _________.
32.Unrestrained by moral or ethical principles is called ________.
1._________ is to be contaminated and spoiled.
2.A _________ is a young vandal gangster.
5.Physically or morally disgusting and rotting with a foul smell is called _________.
7.A _________ is a person with strong interest in something and is a troublemaker.
9.To be honest and unfeigned is called _________.
11.No significance and unimportant is called ________.
14.To scream shrilly is called _________.
16.Characterized by humor based on opposites or contradiction is called _________.
17.A _________ is a French castle.
18.The team ________ Holden the whole way back on the train.
19.Ackley will always pick up your personal stuff off your desk and ________.
20.To be diligent and governed by sense of right and wrong is ________.
22.Holden thinks everyone is ________.
23.Holden told a ________ lie to Mr. Spencer about going to the gym.
27.Holden has a few _________ about leaving Pencey.
28.Holden was the manager of the ________ team.
31.To be unconcerned is called _________.

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