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catcher and the rye

carry lopez period 1

1               2    
    3 4
    5   6   7
  8           9  
  10     11                        
            12             13    
15           16       17 18          
19                 20   21              
22 23            

1.to a vast degree is _________.
10.being mature shows you have __________.
12.a chest of drawers is also a ________.
15.stradlater didn’t say a single ___________ word about that.
18.rotting with a foul smell an old man might feel _________.
19.Holden __________ a lot.
21.holden’s very suspicious of everyone around him so a lot of the time he seems to be in a _______ mood.
23.a troublemaker is ________.
24.clue:holden’s the manager of the _______ team.
25.holden’s sister is very ____________.
26.to holden grand was a _______ word.
1.Holden considers the girl from pency prep ____________.
2.an attention seeker is called an __________.
3.Holden doesn’t like people getting very ___________.
4.clue: to holden grand was a _______ word.
5.holden has gotten into ______________ trouble.
6.pency prep is an _________ school.
7.clue: holden feels ______ by people.
8.stradlater keeps on pushing holden to write his _________.
9.A gangster than was called a ___________.
11.holden thought thrumer was a ________ man.
13.Holden has problems handling stuff because of his _____________.
14.holden has ________ to his new life.
16.good people are considered ________.
17.you can find ________ in a lot of movies and many books.
20.mr spencer looks as if he’s in _______ pain.
22.clue: holden’s parent’s are nice but very ___________.

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