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Cather in the Rye

Derek Castaneda P.1

2 3            
  5   6
7 8                    
10           11        
  17 18  
19         20        
21           22            

3.people called holdin ___ because he was skinny
4.the disguise was____
8.Holden had to write ___ for his roommate
9.when holden was young he was considered a ___
10.Holdin would always take his little sieter to the ____
12.usually men can be a _____
13.holdins old English teachers house was _____ because he teacher was sick
14.Holdens roommate is probably the____ one there
15.Holden got a ___ when his roommate punched him in the face
16.that is not important is______
19.Holden excluded himself from society by calling everyone a phony
21.Leo lied about his age there for he is a ____
22.Holden was on the ____ team
23.Holdens brother death ___ him dearly
24.the ___ in a room is 38
1.holdin was ___ when he found out his brother died
2.holdin went into ___ when he owed that prostitute money
5.Holden wasn’t a pair he was a _____
6.stradlater looked so ____ on his date
7.his favorite shoes were ____
11.holdin was full of ___ when he told his roommate he liked a girl
17.There nice and all but they are also ______
18.my Dad worsk at a ___ where he writes story
20.holdens roommate was ____ for always checking himself out in the mrirror

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