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Catcher in the Rye

Vanessa Gallegos Period.1

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2.___________ is to be governed by sense of right and wrong.
7.Holden’s brothers’ death was________ and it affected Holden’s life in a way.
8.At Pencey Prep a lot boys enjoy _______ as a sport.
9.Holden isn’t ______ or concerned about his education.
10.17. A person who believes in peaceful resolutions and refuses to take part in a war is a _______.
11.An example of ________ is donation of time.
14.The ___________is a French castle.
17.Holden feels_____________in the world.
18.When Stradlater socks Holden he had_____ all over his nose.
19.Holden is very ________ with school and treats it without seriousness.
20.Holden feels very _________from society.
21.Someone who is honest or unfeigned is ____________.
22.A person who is ______ or spoiled.
1.The main character is often _________ or insincere about apologizes.
3.An attention seeker is an_______________.
4.Someone who is cruel for fun is___________.
5.A dress can also be called a _______.
6.___________ is known as exactness.
10.To be ___is to be physically or morally disgusting.
11.Stradlater wants Holden to write his ________ so he can go on a date.
12.The middle class is ______.
13.1. Holden’s parents are very___________ about sharing their personal lives.
15.Holden believes most people are _________or fake
16.Most boys at Pencey Prep are ________ or arrogant.

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