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Cathcer in the Rye

Sisilia Hu'avai Pahulu period: 1

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2.Holden makes readers believe that everyone is either a ________ or a pervert in his point of view.
4.Stradlater can be ___________ because he’s charming, but often insincere.
6.A gangster can also be called a ____________.
8.Holden doesn’t have the _________ to fight against Stradlater.
9.Holden just had a meeting with his _______ team.
14.Holden can be very __________ because of his young thoughts and age.
15.Holden was happy to see Phoebe riding the ___________ and having a fun time.
17.Stradlater wants Holden to write his __________________ so he can go on his date with Jane Gallagher.
18.Holden is only 16 years old but is _____________ about “the time”.
1.“Do you have any particular _________ about leaving Pency?” asked Old Spencer.
3.Being __________ is also being modest or respectful.
5.Phoebe was __________ because Holden wouldn’t allow her to go run away with him.
7.__________ are flat leathered shoes.
10.“It’s really ___________, because I’m six foot two and a half and I have gray hair.”
11.Treating something casually or without seriousness is called ___________.
12.Readers believe that Holden is _____________ because he stands alone in a hill during a football game and wonders of his ‘good-by’.
13.Based on Holden’s descriptions, Stradlater can be arrogant and __________.
16.“What he’d do was, he’d start snowing his date in this very quiet, _____________ voice—like as if he wasn’t only a very handsome guy…”

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